Don’t miss your chance to win big!

Our current 50/50 has raised


Don’t miss your chance to win big!

Our current 50/50 has raised


The IWK Foundation 50/50 helps support patients from across the Maritimes who rely on the IWK, while giving participants the chance to win monthly cash prizes!

Thanks to you, the IWK Mega Monthly 50/50 program was a resounding success!

Throughout the course of the lottery, we awarded $1,300 in jackpot prizes and raised $1,300 to support the women, children and youth at the IWK. Our final IWK Mega Monthly 50/50 draw was held on December 23, 2021.

Stay tuned for information on exciting new fundraising opportunities with the IWK Foundation coming soon!
Early Bird Draw 1: June 16, 2022 - Prize $250
Early Bird Draw 2: June 23, 2022 - Prize $250

Grand Prize Deadline July 7 at 11:59 pm

Win and Support with the Mega Monthly 50/50!
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Who You Help

When you donate to the IWK Foundation, you are supporting patients from across the Maritimes that rely on the IWK for life-saving care. You enable Maritime patients to receive the care they need while staying close to home. Every dollar raised through the IWK 50/50 helps to ensure that the IWK has the resources it needs for Maritime women, children and families.

How It Works

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Grand Prize: December 23, 2021

Winning Number: IWKPEI-8036456

Winner Name: Gordon C.

Jackpot Won: $115

Grand Prize: November 15, 2021

Winning Number: IWKPEI-2036016

Winner Name: Stacia M.

Jackpot Won: $170

Grand Prize: October 8, 2021

Winning Number: IWKPEI-4376993

Winner Name: Wendell M.

Jackpot Won: $190

Grand Prize: September 3, 2021

Winning Number: IWKPEI-3982742

Winner Name: Linda W.

Jackpot Won: $145

Grand Prize: July 30, 2021

Winning Number: IWKPEI-7761399

Winner Name: Gloria B.

Jackpot Won: $155

Grand Prize: June 9, 2021

Winning Number: IWKPEI-9242883

Winner Name: Lorna M.

Jackpot Won: $525

Rules of Play

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